Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Our culture places a lot of emphasis on food. It seems to be at the base of our understanding of hospitality and has been for thousands of years. We offer drinks, snacks, and meals to guests. We go out for dinner, meet for lunch, have drinks together. Breaking bread with one another seems to be a long standing bonding experience. Food is sustaining and comforting. But for people like me, it can be frightening.

Sometimes food restrictions separate us from the bulk of society. Jews and Muslims have been following Kosher and Halal diets for thousands of years. Pescetarian, vegetarian, and vegan diets can be more difficult to follow and less understood in some areas of the world. Some people struggle with eating disorders that make social eating painful and awkward. And food allergies are on the rise everywhere. Any of these restrictions can make it difficult to participate in social events hosted by people and groups outside the restriction.

You don't realize how much of a reception or party takes place around the food table until you're trying to avoid it. It is very easy to be forgotten, or even outcast if you refuse eat at an event.

I would love to see some less food-centric events. I want to see fellowship outside the pot-luck, picnic, dinner party culture. Let's get together and do something fun.

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